Covid-19 Daily Updates

Aug 11, 2020

Updated 20 November 2020 – PLEASE READ FULL TEXT  
All of New Zealand is at Alert Level 1. There are 3 new cases today.

Note that the use of masks or face coverings is now mandatory for transport services into, around, and out of Auckland, and on passenger flights throughout New Zealand. To check what rules apply and who is exempt, see Masks and face coverings

For the rest of New Zealand, while it is not mandatory to wear a mask on public transport during Alert Level 1, it is encouraged.

Anyone with cold or flu symptoms anywhere should get a test. 

There are 40 active cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand (none in hospital), with a total of 1,657 confirmed cases since Covid-19 appeared and 25 deaths. 

We urge members to continue to be vigilant, sign into places using the NZ COVID Tracer app or keep a manual record, and maintain good hygiene practices. If unwell, stay at home and get a test. You must then remain at home until the results of your test. 

  • All businesses and services (including music teachers with their own studios or those teaching pupils in their own homes) must display a NZ COVID Tracer QR code for their business at all entry points. It must be in either a prominent place or near main entrances. Get your QR poster here. You will also need to have a manual sign in register for those people without smart phones or those who choose not to use the tracer app. This is a mandatory requirement under all alert levels.
  • The use of masks or face coverings is mandatory for transport services into, around and out of Auckland, and on passenger flights throughout New Zealand. 
 A reminder of the alert levels and what they mean can be found here. 
 If you have not already done so, it is recommended that you download the Covid tracer application from this site. 
If your phone does not have this capability or you prefer not to use this then you must record your movements and who you come into contact with in detail in a diary. If you operate a business or service, you MUST get and display your QR code poster (see above).
Thank you for helping to keep our communities safe. 

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