Ritmico 105 Article about the liberation of Le Quesnoy in November 1918

Nov 8, 2018

Just a week before the end of the First World War in November 1918, the New Zealand Division liberated the French town of Le Quesnoy. The New Zealanders scaled a ladder set against the ancient walls of the town and took the remaining Germans as prisoners. To this day, the town of Le Quesnoy continues to mark the important role that New Zealand played in its history. Streets are named after New Zealand places, there is a New Zealand memorial and a primary school bears the name of a New Zealand soldier. Visiting New Zealanders are sure to receive a warm welcome from the locals.

Ritmico 105 (October 2016, pages 14/15) covers this in an article by David Squire (Director, NZ Youth Choir) about their visit that year and as a prelude to the current commemorations.

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