Public Health Response Order for Mandatory Vaccinations for Education

Nov 11, 2021

11 November 2021

Following our advice to members on 15 October 2021 regarding vaccinations (posted on our Home Page and in our daily Covid updates online Education Sector: Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccinations – Learn Music NZ) we have received the following information from the Ministry of Education:

“As at 11.59 pm on Monday 25 October the COVID-19 Public Health Response Order for Mandatory Vaccinations for Education came into effect. Everyone who works on a school or kura site, who may have contact with children or students or will be present at a time when children and students are also present, must have had a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by 15 November and be fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022.”

The Ministry of Education has today also released new guidelines for those in Auckland and parts of the Waikato:

We sought clarification regarding home-based music teachers and the Ministry of Health has advised the following:

“To address your concern regarding home-based teaching, any worker 12+ (employed or volunteer) who work at or for an education service that may have contact with students, or present on the education service must be vaccinated before 15th November 2021For more information please review to schedule two of the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Amendment Order (No 3) 2021 (LI 2021/325) – New Zealand Legislation

We sought further clarity from the Ministry of Health, and received the following on 10 November 2021:

“To address your concern, people who provide an educational service off site and are not directly employed/contracted by a school or hostel then the individual is not required to be vaccinated. However, employees/contractors/volunteers of a school who provide an educational service off site are required to be vaccinated.”

We urge our members to review this information and take appropriate action.

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