Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill and our Response

Apr 23, 2018

UPDATE: This bill was withdrawn on 11 May 2018.
The Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill was introduced by MP Jenny Marcroft and is currently before a Select Committee. 
The proposed Bill aims to restrict the term ‘teacher’ to those who have ‘officially recognized qualifications’. At first sight the Bill made no mention of organizations like ourselves, and so we put in submissions to the Select Committee arguing that, as an Institute entitled to use the term ‘music teacher’ through our own Act of Parliament, our status should not change and nor should the status of all the teachers registered with us. Later comments, such as the recent article in the New Zealand Herald, indicate that this situation is recognized at least by Jenny Marcroft who brought the bill forward. We have asked to make an oral submission, should that prove necessary, and we remain confident that we and our members will be able to continue to use the term ‘music teacher’. 
We will keep you updated on progress as it occurs.

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