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Applications for Membership (Associate and Provisional)

Sheet MusicThe IRMTNZ acknowledges the richness and diversity of the world’s musics and respects the value each has to its music makers and culture bearers. The IRMTNZ Registration Board has added new Music Making Fields in which prospective and existing members can be registered. 

We also encourage any private or studio music teacher who is considering moving to New Zealand to contact us with regard to registration with the IRMTNZ.

Applications for Associate and Provisional membership are considered by the Registration Board throughout the year, except for the period 1 December through 1 February when this is our busiest time of year.

To facilitate this process, applicants are requested to keep supporting documentation succinct and avoid sending large quantities of paperwork. Applications are preferred electronically.

Application forms:

Applications are also invited from existing members who wish to be registered in additional subjects (categories) – see form below:

What is the difference between Associate and Provisional membership?

An Associate Member (AIRMT) is a full, registered member of the IRMTNZ, and this status is granted by the Registration Board.  Associate Members have full voting rights, pay the appropriate one-off registration fee and annual subscription, and are encouraged also to join their local branch. In order to become an Associate Member, you must be able to show:

A Provisional Member is a person seeking to become a qualified private music teacher who can show s/he is a musical performer at the level of Advanced Certificate (Trinity) or 100-level performance music at a University. No qualification or experience in music teaching is required, but applicants must satisfactorily complete a Police Check. Provisional Members are given a mentor to guide them through a two-year process (with negotiable extension to three years if circumstances require) that will lead to their meeting the requirements of Associate Membership. Provisional Members have no voting rights and pay a modest subscription. They can attend IRMTNZ Continuous Professional Development events at a reduced fee.

Completeness of Application: Important Note

Applications for Provisional and Associate Membership will not be considered for review by the Registration Board until they have been fully completed, the application fee paid and supporting documentation provided, and the results of the police check received. It takes at least 8 weeks to obtain a police check and then a further 2 weeks for the Registration Board to review your application, so please plan accordingly. Please be patient and wait for the Registrar to contact you with the Registration Board decision. Please note that no new applications are reviewed during December and January as this is our busiest time of year.


Applications for Affiliate membership (Individual and Organisation)

IRMTNZ Teacher Training LibraryThis category of membership is by invitation from the Council of the Institute. The Council may invite individual persons to apply for the status of Affiliate who are not music teachers but who have an interest in supporting the aims and objectives of the Institute. The Council may invite organisations in the music industry or involved with music education which have an interest in supporting the aims and objectives of the Institute to apply for the status of Affiliate Organisation. If you are interested in joining us, please contact the Registrar for more information.

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