Members Only Resources

Members Only Resources

This page has Ritmico Online, key documents and business information for members.

Ritmico Online 

A brand new initiative which began March 2019 – Ritmico Online provides members with an electronic update of IRMTNZ news and related information approximately every 6 weeks. 

Issue 1 – March 2019

Issue 2 – April 2019

Issue 3 – May 2019 and Training the Collaborative Pianist

Issue 4 – June/July 2019

Issue 5 – August 2019

Key Documents


IRMTNZ Code of Ethics Explained

IRMTNZ Code of Ethics and Student Safety Policy CONCISE version for studio wall 

IRMTNZ Code of Ethics – Full Version

IRMTNZ Student Safety Policy – Full Version

Workplace Safety Advice

Wellbeing and Mental Health Concerns Information 2019

IRMTNZ 2018 – Signed Consolidated Performance Report  – Note that this is a very large file

President’s Annual Report 2018 

Business Information

Get access to Business information and help with setting up your business – this is under development with the first documents below:

Terms of Tuition Form

Report Form Example

Get access to Marketing materials – these are now available through the branches. Contact your branch secretary for more details.

Branding –  To successfully achieve our mission, aims and goals, one of the things we must have is consistency in all of our IRMTNZ communications.
The following Branding Style Guide provides information regarding the use of our Logo; Tagline; Colours; Fonts, and provides some tips for use of publicity photographs.


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