IRMTNZ Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Whaowhia te mātauranga – fill the basket of knowledge

Designed to be taken independently or in succession, our three key training courses are complementary and together cover all levels of student learning. Our courses:

Foundation Course

Our Foundation Course is designed for musicians who have attained advanced practical and theoretical skills and wish to pursue a career in teaching music.

See the IRMTNZ Foundation Course Summary for details and apply using the IRMTNZ Foundation Course Registration Form

All enquiries should be directed to Course Coordinator, Wendy Hunt, at


Our Auckland, Waikato and Christchurch Branches offer scholarships to teachers in their respective areas for enrolment in our Foundation Course:

  • Auckland – Thelma Gordon Scholarship
  • Waikato – Betty Dunbar Scholarship
  • Christchurch – Merle Henry Scholarship

Please contact the relevant branch secretary for details, terms and conditions.


Christine Hudson (Provisional member): “By doing the IRMTNZ Foundation Course, I discovered that teaching music isn’t just about knowing music or how to play music …This Course has helped me improve my ability to become a very good music teacher and to run a successful business. I highly recommend this Course to anyone who is thinking about teaching music.”  
Erin Cormack (Associate member): “I enrolled in the IRMTNZ Foundation Course to increase my confidence and knowledge of music teaching, and it delivered …   I feel I have developed a sound foundation that has set me up well for my next steps.”

Intermediate Course

Our Intermediate Course helps participants acquire and apply a wide range of technical skills relating to pedagogy for their chosen instrument at Grades 4 – 5.

See the IRMTNZ Intermediate Course Summary for details and apply using the IRMTNZ Intermediate Course Registration Form. 

All enquiries should be directed to Course Coordinator, Wendy Hunt, at

Advanced Course

Advanced Course

Our Advanced Course covers networking, pedagogy and detailed studies of music forms and genres. Participants must commit to three phases of study and a practical workshop day.

See the Advanced Course Summary for details and apply using the IRMTNZ Advanced Course Registration Form.

All enquiries should be directed to Course Coordinator, Wendy Hunt, at

IRMTNZ Library

IRMTNZ Teacher Training Library

From books on pedagogy by internationally acclaimed music educators to filmed recitals by some of our most beloved musicians, the IRMTNZ library is well worth browsing. Items are available to members and teacher training course participants for their Continuous Professional Development and enjoyment. 

There is no charge for course participants to borrow library items while they are working on course assignments.

To borrow an item please contact our Librarian and Course Coordinator:

Wendy Hunt
513 Whitehead Road
Hastings 4120


Please send Wendy your name, postal address, phone number and email. Rental is for one month and the item must be returned in secure packaging* at the borrower’s expense. 

We encourage the use of packaging that has a low impact on the environment such as your own recycled packaging or NZPOs 80% recycled plastic postage bags

Our Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our sponsors for providing items for our course welcome gift packs and graduation packs to our Course Participants.