Branch Events

Whaowhia te kete mātauranga – fill the basket of knowledge


Our branches throughout the country provide vital Professional Development opportunities for teachers in their areas, and we are very grateful to our branch committees who work extremely hard to host these events.

Some of the events listed below are for IRMTNZ members only, while others are open to all. Please email the contact person listed for each branch if you would like more information on a particular event.

Branch Events are listed geographically from Northland to Otago.


Some branches are choosing to use a Karakia to begin and/or end their events. If your branch would like to adopt this tradition you can click here for a selection of karakia with their translations.


Contact: Carol Martin

Upcoming Events:
7th April 2024 – First Concert for beginners and all comers
23 June 2024 – Music festival
11th August 2024 – Scholarships and concert
1st December 2024– Formal Soiree and Awards evening
1st or 8th December2024 – Christmas Concert


Contact: Amanda Winter

Student Performers Groups
North Shore – St Aidan’s Church 97 Onewa Road, Northcote – Enquiries: Catherine Martelli Ph: 0212953816 or Hazel Roggen 
Selwyn – St Luke’s Church, Remuera Road – Enquiries: Sharon Martin  or 09 528 3878  
Eastern – Howick Children’s Youth Theatre – Enquiries: Susan Theron or 021 0291 2772
Mediant – St Cuthbert’s College Performing Arts Centre, Room 203 – Enquiries: Anita Macdonald Ph: 021514995 
Southern – Old Central School Papakura – Enquiries: Fleur Chee 
Hibiscus Coast – Enquiries: Louise Lamb or 02102674717

Bay of Plenty

Contact: Kathy Stewart

Bay of Plenty Branch Piano
BOP members are reminded that the IRMTNZ piano resides at Wesley Church 13th Avenue and is available for hire: for further information contact Adele Dickinson


Contact: Beverley Pullon 

Waikato Branch Piano
The Waikato Branch is pleased to offer exam students the opportunity to practice on the branch piano before their exams. Cost is $5 for 15 minutes practice for IRMTNZ members, and $10 for 15 minutes practice for non IRMTNZ members. Please contact Beverley Pullon to book a time slot.

Rotorua & Taupo

Contact: Claire Mason 

Term 1

Date Event Name Description Venue
Sunday 10 March Understanding Autism & Teaching Professional development with Angela Hausman ‘Understanding Autism and Teaching’. St John’s Church
Wed 13 March, 7.30pm Adult Performers Group   St John’s Church
Wed. 10 April, 7.30pm Adult Performers Group   St John’s Church

Term 2

Sunday 5 May, 11.00am Branch AGM & Pot-luck  lunch   115 Tihi Rd Rotorua
Wed. 8 May, 7.30pm Adult Performers Group   St John’s Church
Friday 7 June, 6.30pm Rotorua Student Musicians
  St John’s Church
Wed. 12 June, 7.30pm Adult Performers Group   St John’s Church

Term 3

Wed. 14 August Adult Performers Group   St John’s Church
Sat.24 August, 8.00am Scholarships & NZ Comps   St John’s Church
Wed.11 Sept, 7.30pm Adult Performers Group   St John’s Church
Friday 13 Sept, 6.30pm Rotorua Student Musicians Concert   St John’s Church

Term 4

Wed. 13 Nov, 7.30pm Adult Performers Group    St John’s Church
Saturday 23 Nov, 6.30pm Showcase Concert   St John’s Church


Contact: Philippa Drinkwater   

Hawkes Bay

Contact: Nicola Feyter

Renaissance 25: 14 February 2025


Contact: Marise McNeill  

Term 2

Date Event Name Description Venue
Saturday 25 May Student Recital I Any age, any stage performance Music Suite Freyberg High School

Term 3

Sunday 11 August Chamber Music Festival Secondary School Ensembles, Adjudicator Ingrid Culliford Palmerston North High School Hall
Saturday 24 August Student Recital II Any age, any stage performance
Music Suite, Freyber High School
Saturday 28 September Evelyn Rawlins and J Holmes Runnicels Senior Piano and Senior Instrumental Scholarships, run conjointly. Adjudicator for Piano: Sharon Joy Vogan, Adjudicator for Instrumental: Roger Brown
Music Suite, Freyberg High

Term 4

Sunday 24 November Duet Fun-fest, Junior/Intermediate Chamber Music Contest Dressing Up encouraged. Ajudicators Andrew Aitkins, Caitlin Morris Music Suite, Freyberg High School


Contact: Elizabeth Morgan   

Upcoming Events:
Youth Music Festival – June
Masterclasses – August
Sonata Celebration – September


Contact: Marnie Barrell  

Term 1

Date Event Name Description Venue

Sunday 25 February 6pm

Potluck Dinner and Music Swap

Bring something to share for dinner and any music you are wanting to pass on to other teachers.

 25 Totara St.

Sunday 10 March   2 – 4pm

Breathing New Life into your Teaching, Nicola Holt

Pt 1.Teaching breathing in a fun way to enhance posture, relaxation and communication.                   Pt 2. How to achieve confidence and success in ‘non-singers’, specifically in aural tests.

The Village,              365a Ilam Rd

Term 2

Sunday 23 June

Student Recitals

Recital 1. Grades 1-3 (plus activities) Recital 2. Grades 4-6 (plus activities)



Contact: Lisa Ross  

Date Event Name Description Venue
Monday 26 Feb 9.30am Teacher Chat Topic – nurturing and encouraging young students in performance Zoom
Sunday 17 March 3.45pm Dunedin Musical Society opportunity for students to perform Mornington Methodist Church
Tuesday 19 March 10.30am Connect informal cuppa with whoever at Kathy’s home
Saturday 6 April 4.00pm Adult Learners and Returners Adult Learners and returnerser at Kathy’s home
Monday 8 April 7.30pm Teacher Chat Topic – tba Zoom